Why ProEliteMarketer?

   Hi! I'm Pierre Tremblay, CEO of ProEliteMarketer. I've been involved in many projects since 2003, influenced by thinkers, coaches and leaders such as Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Jim Bunch, John C. Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Jay Kubassek, David Wood, and a few more.

   ProElite Marketer takes its origins from project EvoGen-X (a personal development organization that I founded) and Jay Kubassek’s Digital Experts Academy (an online business development company).

  While taking care of operations in EvoGen-X, I soon realized that over 80% of my audience were entrepreneurs and that I had to provide a solution for quality and accessible internet marketing materials to reach that audience, as well as giving myself a mission to unleash the potential within new entrepreneurs to create and live a life of their own design. What I've learned (the exact system in the Career section) about branding, leadership, marketing, sales, service and networking.. brought me to feel like I'm a Genie of the lamp. Why? When you understand how to attract enough targeted people to an idea (a dream, a project), how to conclude agreements and taking care of them, you can pretty much create and do whatever you want with your life, or help other people make their dreams come true (for example, managing a new singer on a worldwide scale). In my opinion, it's the best lifestyle in the world!

   In 2010, I partnered up with my amazing colleague Lindsey Rowe from the UK, and we've been working in the same direction ever since.   

 What can you expect at ProElite Marketer?

   Many people limit themselves according to what they think is possible with the money they have, the people they know, and their overall situation.

   Our goal is to educate entrepreneurs to what's really possible. There’s a whole new world of solutions, education and opportunites to expand your project to new horizons like never before. It is our mission to help you play the game at a whole new level in the new digital economy.

 What are we offering?

      At ProEliteMarketer, we make this promise to you: all solutions that we offer have been thoroughly researched, tested and reviewed for months (and years in some cases). Bottom line: they work. There's good and great solutions, but ultimately, it's up to you to decide to pick one, do the homework and do the work, so that it works for you. One rule of thumb to success in our industry is to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. If you're going to invest time into mastering anything - master yourself. The rest will just naturally fall into place.

How We Can Help


   By CREATING your own digital environment and your own brand, you don't have any competition. It's all about YOUR vision, YOUR mission and YOUR core values. 

   By DEVELOPING your own social network and learning how to add value to your audience, they are also going to share your mission and your values amongst themselves to establish a culture: this marks the foundation of your company. 

   By EXPANDING on an international scale, your legacy: your mission, your vision and your values, are moving beyond what most people limit themselves to (i.e. a local brick and mortar business). This is  what the new digital economy is all about: using cutting edge online strategies and education to make anything possible.

    Let us help you:  we invite you to contact us for an initial free consultation to see if we can find a solution that fits your budget and your needs.

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Yours in Mastery,

Pierre Tremblay